Advances in the technology landscape mean that more than ever before engineering firms need to build strong relationships with lawyers, legal advisors and the legal profession as a whole. It's about finding the right balance between risk management and innovation.

Robust and authoritative commercial law advice is essential for any successful player in the engineering industry. From drafting and agreeing contracts to resolving disputes and negotiating legal and regulatory issues, the advice of an engineering law specialist can make all the difference.

Oratto gives you the power to make the decisions that matter regarding your legal advice and representation. Let us help you connect with the commercial lawyer who is right for you today.

Engineering lawyers

Oratto's engineering member lawyers possess vast practical experience and niche knowledge to ensure that you receive the commercial law advice you require.

Good advice and legal representation can be useful for so much more than simply drafting and negotiation of contracts, and dispute resolution; it also helps you meet deadlines, adhere to budgets and minimise disruption caused by uncertainty or conflict.

Whatever your needs – whether you are a contractor, developer, investor, engineer or builder – we can help you negotiate the important issues affecting your interests. This includes the following key areas of practice:

  • Commercial contracts, bonds and warranties
  • Insurance
  • Health and safety
  • Intellectual property
  • Tech law and technology
  • Construction and engineering disputes
  • Professional negligence claims
  • IT and legaltech
  • Insolvency

Advice and representation for those outside engineering

Although Oratto has many member lawyers who specialise in acting for construction and engineering firms, we also possess members whose area of expertise is acting for other parties who have become engaged in disputes with those in the industry. If you wish to speak to a specialist about a delay, dispute or professional negligence claim in relation to the engineering industry, get in touch with Oratto today.

Connect with an Oratto member today

Oratto's members can help you at every stage of the engineering lifecycle, from conception to completion.

Whether you are a small business or a larger firm, and whether your concerns are regarding a UK-based project or one that is transnational, let us help you find the right commercial lawyer for your specialist engineering law needs today.