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It is important that you find the right lawyer for the matter at hand. Commercial solicitors tend to specialise in various areas of commercial law and Oratto is designed to help you in the process of matching you with a solicitor who is a specialist in the niche area of law you require. Whether your commercial law issue is big or small, you can sift through the profiles of the lawyers within the commercial law pages of Oratto to ensure that you are connected with the right solicitor for you.

Intelligent targeting with Oratto

Each Oratto profile contains a helpful summary of the expertise of each lawyer along with a detailed description of the work carried out and past experience. At Oratto we put you in control of deciding which lawyer is right for your needs. To apply the law effectively in the commercial world your advisor must have a full, in-depth knowledge of the applicable legislation and have the right experience to deliver solid advice. This is paramount and so it is worthwhile taking a little time to carefully consider who you should appoint to handle your commercial legal issues.

The solicitors featured in this section are all highly skilled, but each will have their own portfolio of expertise in a range of commercial areas. These could range from drafting partnership contracts to preparing documentation for a complex overseas manufacturing agreement. Among the lawyer profiles you will find a broad range of understanding in all areas of commercial law. However if it happens that you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, consider using the Oratto Match service and we will use our knowledge of the lawyers featured on the website to put you in touch with the practitioner who we believe will be the most suitable person.

Typical areas of commercial law

The remit of a commercial lawyer is wide-ranging and includes:

  • Commercial dispute resolution (see also Oratto Commercial Litigation section)
  • Drafting of commercial contracts – these could include, manufacturing agreements, franchise agreements, supplier agreements, service level agreements
  • Preparation and drafting of partnership agreements or joint venture agreements
  • Preparation of documentation relating to the employment of staff and directors (see also Oratto Employment section)
  • International trade agreements
  • Trade and trade finance agreements
  • Advice on compliance with data protection and other regulatory controls
  • Assistance with negotiations in complex transactions

The above are areas in which it is imperative that you have the assistance of the right lawyer.

Commercial law in the courts

Chancery Division

Queen's Bench Division

Commercial law solution for your business

Comprehensive commercial knowledge requires experience and understanding relative to the niche area of law. Having the right commercial solicitor acting for you and protecting your interests means that your legal position is immediately strengthened and that you have the protection you may need. The right representation from an Oratto member lawyer means that you will be in a much stronger position to carry out certain actions, from implementing an important agreement to negotiating key trade deals.

But it isn't just the complex area of business law which requires attention. Sometimes it's the day-to-day details that you may need guidance on. When you instruct a commercial solicitor from Oratto's list of members, you are guaranteeing specific advice, tailored to your needs.

There are a number of ways to contact Oratto, by phone, an online chat or by filling in our Oratto Match form; either way, we will quickly and efficiently ensure you are put in contact with a member solicitor who is right for you.

Oratto member lawyers – always working with you.

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