Supplier agreements often form the pinnacle of the inner workings of a business. Keeping a smooth goods supply chain running is an essential tool to most businesses and something which many need in their day-to-day operations. Therefore, having a well-negotiated, comprehensive supplier agreement in place, which covers the key areas of the business, is a huge advantage and something which many individual businesses come to rely upon in order to maintain a good client/supplier relationship.


Oratto is a web-based platform which has been specifically developed to bring high quality legal services to consumers. The focus of Oratto is on creating a smooth and easy process by which consumers can access the business legal advice they need. When legal solutions for businesses are being sought, it's important to take the right advice early on. All of the solicitors on this page are experts in the preparation and drafting of supplier agreements. If you aren't sure which solicitor will suit you best then you may find Oratto's Match facility useful. Submit your details to us and we will carefully consider your circumstances and put you in touch with the right lawyer for your needs.

In order to avoid problems later down the line, it's important for both parties to set out all obligations and expectations right from the start. Your chosen Oratto member solicitor will be able to produce a properly constructed supplier agreement which will ensure that all of these are discussed and agreed upon before any work begins; leaving the client/supplier relationship clearly defined.

Key areas

Your chosen lawyer will be able draft a supplier agreement focusing on the individual needs of you and your business, including elements such as confidentiality clauses, renewal dates and payment terms. Most agreements lay out the following areas as standard:

  • timescales
  • delivery
  • supply
  • details on altering or terminating the agreement

However, the supplier agreement that you need will depend upon the type and complexity of your business. For example, whether the agreement will be required to support a multi-supplier framework or whether it's just needed to record the basics of quantities, numbers and schedules. Your chosen solicitor will ensure that your supplier agreement protects you from any commercial risks, that it is unambiguous and clear, suitable for the purpose, complies with all relevant law, and deals with any legal complexities. The terms and conditions will be clearly defined, leaving you free from potential misunderstandings.

In a commercial environment time is precious, and having a supplier agreement that is watertight, and that you don't have to keep on checking, is a valuable asset in protecting you and your business. Contact your chosen lawyer today through Oratto, so the construction of your supplier agreement can begin immediately. Or if there is already a proposed agreement in place, your solicitor will be able to check through the terms thoroughly and advise on all aspects of it, in particular things such as liability clauses, before you become bound by it.

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