Oratto's member contracts lawyers include specialists in the area of oil and gas contracts. All are drawn from firms with extensive experience of working in the industry, ensuring that you receive the expertise and authority that are key to achieving your objectives.

Furthermore, our specialists work across the full span of oil and gas contracts, with many possessing specialist experience of all the legal aspects of at least one of the following:

  • Trade and transportation
  • Production sharing contracts (PSCs)
  • Development contracts
  • Concession joint venture agreements (JVAs)
  • Joint operating agreements (JOAs)
  • Asset sale and purchase
  • Exploration and exploration rights
  • Licenses
  • Production sharing contracts
  • Petroleum economics
  • Oil platform design and fabrication
  • Surveying
  • Gas price fixing
  • Retailer agreements
  • Disputes
  • International arbitrations
  • Environmental regulations
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream developments

All angles covered

Oratto's oil and gas contracts lawyers can advise and represent all interested parties in the industry, including suppliers, contractors (from independent contractors to larger corporations), producers and consultancies.

Furthermore, many of Oratto's contracts lawyers supplement their knowledge and experience of oil and gas contract work with expertise in the area of energy-related infrastructure development, ensuring that you receive a service that takes account of the bigger picture.

The broad level of expertise available to you through the Oratto platform also means that you can be assured of specialist legal support whether you are looking for help with a one-off contract or transaction or need guidance throughout the lifecycle of a much longer term contract.

Find an Oratto oil and gas contract lawyer today

Our Oratto member contract lawyers will be able to provide personal advice and take part in negotiations, as well as drafting terms and ensuring their implementation at any stage of the oil and gas contract process.

We can also advise you on any jurisdictional considerations that may arise as a result of your contract, especially in regard to environmental responsibilities and exploration rights.

Let Oratto find a contract lawyer experienced in the area of the oil and gas sector relevant to you today. With top-quality advice, ease of contact and timely communication being among our main areas of focus, your contract needs will be in safe hands.