Often banded together with transport contracts, logistics agreements are necessarily complex. An informed, pragmatic approach is essential to cover all angles for ensuring that your goods are transferred without risk.

Oratto's member solicitors for commercial agreements have broad and solid experience to draw upon when advising clients regarding logistics agreements. They can help to ensure you gain a competitive advantage, along with providing astute legal representation and identifying the most commercially significant issues.

The remit of solicitors for commercial agreements in respect of transport, haulage, freight forwarding and logistics is a wide one. Some of the key areas to be dealt with include:

  • strategic alliances, collaboration arrangements and joint ventures
  • outsourcing distribution agreements
  • disposals and acquisitions
  • dispute resolution
  • fleet management and procurement
  • supply chain contracts
  • employment tax compliance
  • all employment issues, including TUPE and its appropriate application
  • commercial contracts

Solicitors for commercial agreements

Through Oratto you can access experienced, knowledgeable advice at the click of a button. Oratto is an online platform for linking experienced lawyers with those who need niche legal services.

Logistics agreements can be complicated and having the necessary legal expertise to handle all aspects is crucial in achieving the most secure and profitable outcome. All of the lawyers listed on this page are experts in negotiating, drafting and handling logistics agreements. To connect with solicitors for commercial agreements, just select a lawyer from the list on the right or send your details to Oratto and our Match facility will identify the best lawyer for your needs.

Success in logistics with Oratto solicitors for commercial agreements

An integral part of successful logistics agreements is the need for liaison. Amongst other, operator licensing, warehousing, supply chain management and freight forwarding are all factors which need to be considered. Your chosen solicitor will be able to advise you on exactly what to focus on in your particular situation.

Cross-jurisdictional litigation is another element that is sometimes necessary to consider, especially in reference to trade contracts. Logistics agreements will also cover the carriage of goods by road, sea, air and rail and your Oratto member commercial lawyer will have the necessary experience to handle this. Agreements range from those regarding industry standard specifics to bespoke contracts with detailed SLAs and KPIs.

Key issues that are often dealt with involve:

  • Rights of lien over stored goods
  • Termination rights
  • Flexibility in the KPIs
  • Which IT systems are to be used where there's service provision
  • Prices and investments based on business volume assumption
  • Contract exclusivity, or otherwise if different logistics services can be used
  • Whether and what liability exclusions should apply, or other limitations

For solid legal advice surrounding any aspect of logistics agreements, contact experienced solicitors for commercial agreements through Oratto today.