Entering into a joint venture with one or more businesses can be a risky time and one which needs strategic planning for best efficiency and for individual protection. Having a comprehensive joint venture agreement in place offers the best support and security for each business. Establishing a joint venture needs careful planning to maximise the potential benefits and to make sure that the underlying purpose of using shared equity to develop new assets, or a new entity, is fully realised.
A solid joint venture agreement between the businesses can help to make sure that this happens.

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Oratto is a web-based platform which has been carefully developed to match consumers of legal services with the right lawyer. The focus of Oratto is very much on the creation of a straightforward process by which consumers can quickly access the right lawyer for their needs. Accurate, pragmatic advice in the very early stages of your enquiry will ensure that a comprehensive assessment of your business needs is carried out and you are starting in the right place. All solicitors featured here are highly skilled and experienced in the preparation and drafting of joint venture agreements and will be happy to advise you. If you aren't sure which practitioner will suit you, then you may find the Oratto Match facility useful. This function allows you to input your details and requirements so that we may carefully consider your case and connect you with the most suitable lawyer.

Your chosen solicitor will construct an agreement which establishes the rules of operation, the purpose of the business and its structure for operating. These are the basics, but taking care of them first means that any more complex issues have a firm basis. Examples of joint venture agreements that your chosen lawyer can construct include:

  • strategic alliance agreements
  • merger agreements
  • partnership agreements
  • joint bid agreements
  • collaboration agreements
  • limited partnership agreements

You may want to acquire expertise, have a more rapid entry into a new market, expand your business through access to distributor networks or increase production efficiencies, scale or coverage - whatever your need, your chosen lawyer will be able to help you achieve this. You may be embarking on an ongoing business relationship or it may be just for one specific project. Oratto member lawyers have the ability to analyse and assess which type of joint venture agreement is best for your needs. It's important to build effectively on the original basis in terms of time, money and development and to be able to dissolve the agreement when the project goal is reached if necessary.

Whether your joint venture business needs are for a new business, co-ordination, skills transfer or consolidation, your chosen solicitor will construct a joint venture agreement to assist you which is clear, precise and unambiguous.

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