If you have been cohabiting with a partner and have experienced breakdown of the relationship you may now be faced with a dispute in the fallout. The law relating to cohabiting partners is not the same as it is for married couples. However, you can rest assured that Oratto's member cohabitation dispute lawyers can help you enforce your full legal rights under the law as they relate to the following:

  • Disputes over children
  • Disputes over property
  • Disputes over financial arrangements
  • Disputes over wills and inheritance

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Cohabitation in Britain

Cohabitation, an arrangement to live together in the long-term but without getting married, is an increasingly common life choice for couples in the United Kingdom. In fact, it is the fasted growing type of relationship in the country.

However, UK law does not recognise any such thing as a "common law marriage" and cohabitation does bring with it some risks. For example, cohabiting partners may not be entitled to financial relief upon separation. In Scotland, those in cohabiting relationships which end are provided with some limited financial provision under the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006. 

Furthermore, there are other legal rights and options that are less clear-cut for those who are cohabiting when compared to those who are married.

Cohabitation Agreements have evolved as a response to the uncertainties faced by cohabiting couples. They aim to provide clarity and to create clearly defined rights and responsibilities in the event of separation and the breakdown of a relationship and to reduce the possibility of a cohabitation dispute from arising.

Solicitors for cohabitation disputes

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