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Memorandums of Association

Memorandums of Association are vital documents for companies incorporated before October 2008. Until this point the document detailed a company's basic function.

However, given that companies change so often, in October 2008 the law changed to reflect this. Memorandums from this date on serve a simpler function: to confirm that a company exists. The Memorandum is signed by all original shareholders stating their intention to form a company. It also provides proof of each member's agreement to own at least one share in the company

Articles of Association

Articles of Association exist to detail and regulate the administration of a company, including shareholder decisions, the appointment of directors and the issuing of new shares.

They may also describe certain situations in which shareholders might be obliged to sell shares or are restricted in their ability to sell shares.

It is possible to lay down Articles of Association by template. However, these default articles can be amended by a corporate solicitor to ensure that they meet the particular needs of a company.

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