All mergers and acquisitions fit into the sphere of corporate finance. This is a diverse area , often with huge sums of money involved, and getting the tiny details right in respect of the law is imperative whether you've decided against organic growth in favour of a merger or you're looking to completely take over another business. Seeking the advice of a specialised corporate lawyer, who is experienced in mergers and acquisitions, will bring a tangible benefit to your business, whether you are acquiring or disposing of shares or assets, or dealing with a public or private company.

Oratto - sourcing the right solicitor for you

Finding legal services through Oratto is a speedy, straightforward process. Oratto has been developed specifically to link consumers with the right lawyer for their needs and all of the solicitors featured on this page are highly experienced in all aspects of mergers and acquisitions.

One of the most crucial elements for solicitors when handling this type of transaction is to manage any potential risk, financial or otherwise, which is why solid experience in this field is absolutely necessary. Whether you are looking to consolidate through a merger, you are taking over another company or you need help with a business sale, Oratto has a number of specialist mergers and acquisitions lawyers who can help you.

The field of corporate law

It's important to bear in mind that mergers and acquisitions are not limited to just one area of law. They encompass all financial areas, as well as commercial, tax and employment law; which is why it's imperative to find the right solicitor who has the wide skill set needed.

Having a solicitor who is used to working alongside corporate bankers, financial advisers and banks is of great benefit. Expanding or selling your business is an exciting time and to protect your investment, the transaction must be handled competently. There may be complex documentation to deal with which will require the experienced eye of a specialist corporate lawyer. If there is a cross-border or international element your chosen lawyer will be able to handle this aspect with experience and proficiency.

Facilitating a smooth transaction

As part of your merger or acquisition your Oratto member lawyer will be able to carry out the following:

  • preparation and negotiation regarding pertinent documents and contracts
  • due diligence investigations
  • risk management processes
  • take care of any post-acquisition integration necessary

A corporate transaction of this nature is often a very significant moment in the lifespan of a business and regardless of the purpose or motivation it's vital to handle it efficiently. Your chosen Oratto member lawyer will have experience in several spheres which they can apply to your situation. Specifically, business purchase and sale, corporate restructure and fund raising, and they will all be dealt with comprehensively, within budget and within the timeframe allowed to minimise any disruption to the function of your business.

What can you gain through a merger or acquisition?

Depending on what you're looking for in your business it's often more economic to buy than create from scratch yourself. It might seem like encouraging organic growth in a business is preferable to other solutions but this isn't always the case, especially if the growth needs to be in intellectual property or diversification of products or services.

Consolidation through the right mergers and acquisitions may provide additional knowledge and skills, plus a broader customer base, as well as potential benefits in the form of experienced, high quality staff. To develop a business in this manner can bring many advantages and using an experienced corporate lawyer will give your proposed move the very best chance of success.

Your chosen solicitor will be able to bring a practical, client-focused approach to a merger or acquisition on any scale you need; from large plc's to small, owner-managed businesses.

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