Whether you are engaged in a relatively small-scale shop extension or perhaps your firm is involved in a high value construction scheme, the broad experience and expertise possessed by Oratto's member lawyers can help you ensure that your construction contract dispute is seen through to the best possible conclusion.

Any delay or error during the course of construction works can have a costly and inconvenient impact on your business and its timetables. As such, if you find yourself involved in a dispute, whether it is at the planning stage, works stage or completion stage, it is vital that you seek the help of an expert in this area of commercial litigation so that you can take steps to uphold your rights and your interests.

There are many possible ways to tackle such construction disputes, from arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution to, where necessary, court proceedings; whatever the case, Oratto's member specialists can help you best achieve your objectives.

What can a construction contract specialist do for you?

Oratto's member commercial litigation solicitors can help businesses engaged in disputes with builders, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, surveyors and other construction professionals to consider both their rights and their potential remedies in the event of a dispute.

Our members work across the full areas of specialism, including the following:

  • Claims for defective work or supervision
  • Liquidated damages claims
  • Claims for unsuitable or inadequate professional advice
  • Claims for loss and/or expense caused by unacceptable delay or disruption
  • Claims for remedial work
  • Property damage claims
  • Claims for disputed accounts
  • Overcharging claims (cost overruns)
  • Adjudicator enforcement claims
  • Claims for professional negligence
  • Incorrect billing claims

In addition, many of our member solicitors specialise in claims in the specialist construction and technology courts, while others are highly respected and experienced mediators. As such, Oratto can assist you in your path to achieving your objectives in relation to any of the following:

  • The Construction and Engineering Pre-Action Protocol and Practice Directions
  • Claims in the Construction and Technology Court
  • Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Early Expert Determination, Adjudication and Arbitrations

The right lawyer for your claim

Oratto's membership is comprised of all kinds of commercial litigation specialists across all areas of practice.

This includes a number of lawyers who are recognised by Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners as being among the leading individuals in the area of high value construction dispute claims.

These "heavyweight" lawyers bring real strategic value to any business looking to embark on litigation, arbitration or negotiation in relation to a construction contract dispute, often across the challenges presented by multiple jurisdictions.

However, if your small scale business works have been affected by a construction dispute it is just as vital to your enterprise that you get the legal representation that will best serve your cause. Oratto has member solicitors who are skilled in small claims of this nature and who will endeavour to ensure that your construction contract dispute is handled efficiently and effectively.

Oratto's member lawyers

Oratto's goal is to intelligently connect the consumers of legal services with the lawyers who are right for their needs.

All of the solicitors you can see on this page can bring value to a construction dispute claim.

Simply browse through the profiles and select the lawyer who is right for you. Alternatively, submit your details to us so we can use the Oratto Match function to find the best construction dispute solicitor for you.