Claims against property professionals involve a great deal of evidence-gathering and legal knowledge. In order to give yourself the best possible chance of mounting a successful claim, it is essential to be represented by a professional negligence solicitor who has in-depth working knowledge of all the relevant areas of the law.

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Property misrepresentation claims

No sensible buyer will ever seek to exchange contracts without first having at least some basic knowledge of the property being bought. This knowledge is usually derived from several sources, with the vendor, the estate agent, the surveyor, the Land Registry and the property solicitor all having roles to play in the provision of information.

Although some of this information may be superficial or subjective – for example, "this is a charming example of the period" or "this has the potential to be wonderful playroom for younger children"- some of what is said may be construed as statements of fact, and it is these statements that have a crucial role to play in whether a prospective buyer decides to proceed at a particular price.


Problems arise when statements are presented as fact to a buyer and the buyer agrees to proceed on the strength of these statements only for them to turn out to be false or inaccurate.

Misrepresentation, however, is not simply a matter of making false or inaccurate statements; claims for property misrepresentation can also be made in instances where a seller or other relevant party has failed to disclose an essential fact – for example, knowledge of a planned development. Another example of misrepresentation is when a seller makes a statement which is initially true but which can no longer be said to be true at or before the time of sale because of a change in the situation.

The options open to a buyer who has been the victim of a misrepresentation vary according to the circumstances of each case but they may be able to claim damages. In more extreme situations, it may be possible to pass the property back to the seller and recover the purchase price in addition to damages.


There are plenty of options available when seeking resolution of a property misrepresentation claim, whether the defendant is the:

  • seller
  • conveyancer
  • real estate agent
  • surveyor, or
  • another party to the transaction

In many cases compensation may be payable or some other form of redress may be ordered; in more serious cases the transaction may be voided so that the parties involved can return to their pre-transaction states.

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