If you believe that a personal injury solicitor has failed in his or her duty to secure you the appropriate level of compensation for your accident, you may be entitled to professional negligence compensation for an undervalued personal injury claim.

Perhaps your solicitor failed to take full account of the severity and long-term impact of your injuries, perhaps he or she did not fully consider your care and rehabilitative needs or perhaps your needs for specialist housing and equipment have been overlooked. Whatever the case, if you believe your claim has been undervalued it is undoubtedly in your best interests to speak with a professional negligence lawyer.

Unfortunately, once the terms of a settlement have been agreed with a defendant and/or their insurers, there is no possibility of revisiting the litigation to seek a fairer award. As such, the only way to make up the shortfall of an undervalued claim is to instruct a lawyer to help you seek damages for negligence.

What qualifies as an undervalued claim?

Not all instances of under-settlement will give rise to grounds for an undervalued personal injury claim. This is because there needs to be a significant disparity between the settlement achieved and the one that should have been achieved.

As such, courts will only consider compensation appropriate in those cases where the amount secured fell significantly below what a reasonably competent solicitor would be expected to secure.

Examples of typical claims against solicitors

Every year in the UK thousands of people will have valid grounds for a claim against a solicitor. The following are just some of the most common grounds for litigation:

  • Your personal injury claim was settled in the last six years and your symptoms are significantly worse than those your solicitor described in your case.
  • You were pressured into early settlement without being properly advised of all the considerations.
  • Your solicitor incorrectly assessed your claim and, as a consequence, caused it to be undervalued.
  • Your insurance company pressured you into using a particular law firm without giving you time to properly appraise the situation.

Claims against solicitiors with Oratto

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Our solicitors are based in firms across the country and can help you ensure the strongest possible argument for compensation for an undervalued personal injury claim.

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