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Claims against financial advisors

A claim against a financial advisor may be viable in a situation where an IFA, or other financial services professional, has provided a service which may be considered to fall below the standard of a reasonably competent similar professional.

Examples of such a situation include the following:

    • Incorrect advice
    • Provision or recommendation of an unsuitable financial product
    • Negligent delays in provision of financial products, advice or services
    • Negligent mis-selling of a financial product

However, negligence alone does not provide sufficient grounds for a claim against a financial advisor. For a claim to be considered viable, a number of things must first be proven. These are as follows:

    • That the financial services professional owed you a duty of care
    • That the financial services professional failed to reasonably uphold this duty (breach of duty)
    • That the breach of duty caused direct financial loss

It is important that clients do not confuse poor or non-performance of a financial product with negligence; financial markets are subject to changes, inconsistencies and unreliability. Financial loss alone is no guarantee that you have valid grounds for compensation. In order to gain a clearer idea of whether you might be entitled to some form of financial redress, refer to the three-step test outlined above.

The early-stage role of the professional negligence lawyer

Oratto's member professional negligence lawyers will seek to assess your claim to at the earliest possible stage so as to consider whether it is likely a court would make a damages award in your favour. To be viable this must of course be proportionate to your projected legal costs.

Our members will also look at such crucial issues as whether your claim for negligence is best made in tort or in contract and whether it has a strong likelihood of being settled outside of the courts via alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration or negotiation.

Questions your lawyer might ask

Once you are ready to seriously consider the possibility of making a claim against a financial advisor, you will need to provide your professional negligence lawyer with some crucial information. A good starting point for this is the following:

    • The name of your financial advisor
    • What you asked your financial advisor to to
    • The date of instruction
    • The alleged act of negligence
    • The date you believed the alleged negligence occurred
    • The value of financial loss you incurred

Help finding the right solicitor with Oratto

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