Solicitors are professionals who undergo many years of rigorous training in order to qualify and practice. As such, clients have a reasonable expectation of receiving a professional and competent level of service which acts to achieve their best interests. When this does not transpire and the client suffers financial loss, it may be possible to make a compensation claim against the solicitor concerned.

Oratto's member professional negligence lawyers can help you ensure redress when you have suffered financial loss caused by a negligent solicitor. Our members' expertise includes advice and representation related to claims against the following practitioners:

  • Conveyancers and property and conveyancing solicitors
  • Personal injury solicitors
  • Employment law solicitors
  • Medical negligence solicitors
  • Family and divorce solicitors
  • Wills and probate solicitors

Do you have grounds for a claim?

Solicitors are experts and the level of service provided should reflect this. There are many instances when it may be possible to prove that negligent or substandard advice and/or representation caused you financial loss. These might include the following:

  • Under-settlement of a personal injury claim - Perhaps your solicitor made a number of incorrect statements regarding the severity of your injury and the extent of your needs or perhaps he or she simply settled the claim for an unacceptable sum – whatever the case, talk to an Oratto specialists to discover more about your rights in this situation.
  • Missed limitations and deadlines - There are many time limits and deadlines that apply to litigation, tribunals, courts and the legal process. If your solicitor has caused you to lose out by failing to properly consider one or more of these, you may have strong grounds to make a professional negligence claim
  • Document drafting errors - Clients instruct solicitors to draft many important documents, including wills, commercial contracts, property contracts and employment contracts. If you have suffered financial loss as a result of an incorrectly drafted contract, Oratto's specialists can help you make a claim against the solicitor concerned.
  • Suing the wrong defendant - In some cases, for example in personal injury or commercial law claims, solicitors may claim against the wrong party. If you have sustained financial loss because of such an error, let Oratto help you find the right professional negligence lawyer today.
  • Conveyancing or property solicitor negligence - Conveyancing and property solicitor negligence - whether it is a failure to advise of building regulations, land registry searches, covenants or planning permissions - can cause significant emotional distress and financial loss. Oratto can help you achieve redress in these situations and more.

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Oratto's member professional negligence specialists can help clients looking to make a claim against solicitors of all types. Our priority is ensuring you are represented by the solicitor best-suited to your case, with suitability depending on such factors as complexity, location, value and personal circumstances.

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