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Barristers, not immune from claims for negligence

Up until a House of Lords ruling in the year 2000 there was a serious anomaly in professional negligence law: in England and Wales barristers were immune from ever having to pay professional negligence compensation.

However, as a result of this ruling barristers are now subject to the same responsibilities as other professionals in the UK. As Lord Hoffman stated at the time:

"The fact is that the advocate, like other professional men, undertakes a duty to his client to conduct his case, subject to the rules and ethics of his profession, with proper skill and care."

During court action a barrister acts as a court or tribunal advocate, they may be asked to provide advice on the merits of a party's case and to draft court papers to set out the case that a party wishes to bring or defend. Barrister negligence may arise if the barrister makes a mistake, or fails to take into consideration something which later affects the case, when undertaking such a task."

As a consequence there are many situations which may give rise to the client of a barrister having credible grounds for claiming compensation for professional negligence. Some of the most common examples of such situations include the following:

  • Negligently incorrect legal opinion
  • Negligent advocacy at the point of trial
  • Failure to provide suitable advice on the merits of a claim
  • Inadequate or incorrect drafting of documentation

Furthermore, in order to proceed with a successful barrister professional negligence claim, the following must be demonstrated:

  • That the barrister owed a duty of care
  • The the barrister provided a level of service below that which could be considered "reasonably competent"
  • That the barrister's negligence caused direct financial loss

Information for your Oratto member solicitor

It will be of benefit to your claim for compensation if you are able to give your Oratto member solicitor the following information from the outset:

  • The name and address of your barrister
  • The date on which your barrister received your instruction
  • The details of the instruction received by your barrister
  • The alleged act of negligence/breach of duty
  • The exact or approximate value of your consequent financial loss

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