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Proving loss

For a professional negligence claim to succeed, three things must be proven. These are; duty of care, breach of duty, and financial loss.

However, proving these components alone will not entitle you to compensation. This is because you must clearly demonstrate that the breach of duty or act of negligence led directly to the financial loss being claimed for; if the loss is likely to have occurred in any event, i.e. without the professional's negligence, the professional cannot be considered liable for any form of redress. As a claimant it may incumbent upon you to prove that you relied on advice given and would have acted differently had another action been suggested.

Too often claimants proceed with a claim because they believe they possess compelling evidence of breach of duty but without properly considering whether the defendant professional is actually liable for the loss. If you are contemplating a claim for professional negligence it is essential that you receive advice from an experienced solicitor who can help you negotiate this crucial aspect of a claim.

Level of loss

Proving the level of loss can be difficult, particularly as the law does not always allow for claimants to recover the kind of sum to which they might feel entitled. It is always a good idea to have a strong evidence-based approach to valuing losses, right from the pre-action protocol stage all the way to the court room or ADR setting.

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