Tax consultants exist to provide clients, whether private individuals or commercial entities, with expert and reliable advice in relation to taxation and other financial arrangements.

Unfortunately, some tax consultants occasionally provide advice or services that do not reach the required standard. Examples of substandard tax consultancy include the following:

  • Undervaluation of a company, shares or other assets
  • Unsuitable or inadequate advice relating to tax relief or exemptions
  • Incorrect tax scheme advice
  • Overcharging

Oratto empowers the consumers of legal services to intelligently connect with the professional negligence solicitor who is best suited to their case and circumstances – and there is no cost to the consumer for this service.

If you think your accountant or tax consultant has been professionally negligent do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide an initial free assessment and take you through the process, step by step. We also provide clear advice on funding options so that clients can consider what works best for them – for example, no win, no fee may be the best route for some professional negligence claims against tax consultants.

Who can claim?

Negligent advice alone is not enough to give a client legitimate grounds for a claim against a tax consultant; for a claim to be viable three things must be proven: duty of care, breach of duty and consequent financial loss.

In order to help you determine whether a claim against a tax consultant is worth pursuing you will have to consider both the nature of the advice you sought and the terms of the retainer agreed between you and the professional.

In addition, you will also have to consider whether your claim is being brought within time. Most tax consultant negligence claims have a time limit; six years from the act of negligence. However, in some cases an alternative limitation of three years from the date at which you became aware of the negligence may apply. Furthermore, if fifteen years have elapsed since the negligent act occurred, it may not be possible to bring a claim, regardless of the date on which you became aware of the negligence.

Tax consultant negligence claims

Oratto's member lawyers can help you ensure the best possible advice and representation in the event you decide to pursue a claim against a tax consultant.

Call us today or click through to the lawyer profiles on the right-hand-side of this page to find the legal professional you wish to make contact with. All our members are committed to upholding the Oratto Member Lawyer Code of Conduct and all work to ensure swift resolution that achieves your best interests.

We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, so we will help you find the Oratto member lawyer who is right for you – and we do this at no cost to you, ensuring that you are empowered and in control of your choices in matters of legal representation.