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Transfer of Equity – the what and the why

A Transfer of Equity is when one or more person is added or removed from the title deeds. For example, a sole owner adding a husband or wife or a parent adding a son or daughter. If there is still a mortgage on the property it will also be necessary to change the mortgage deed.

There are several possible reasons a person might desire a transfer of equity. These include:

  • You have recently married and want to transfer an existing home into joint ownership
  • You have recently divorced or separated and want to transfer a jointly owned property into the sole ownership of one partner
  • You are tax planning and wish to transfer a share of the family home to another family member


If there is no mortgage on the property, arranging a transfer of equity through a residential conveyancing solicitor should be a relatively simple process.

However, if the property still has an outstanding mortgage, it will be necessary to seek permission from your lender, particularly if there are complex financial arrangements related to a separation or divorce.

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