We provide expert advice in all aspects of Spanish property law for individuals and property-owning companies. We provide bilingual assistance in relation to all aspects of buying, owning and selling a property in Spain, whether you are a non-Spanish speaking client or more familiar with Spain and its legal system. We can also advise on Wills, succession matters and assist with Spanish litigation both in the UK and Spain.

We can provide you with advice in the following areas:

  • Buying and selling a property in Spain
  • As independent professionals regulated by the Law Society of England and Wales and with expertise in Spanish law, we always act in your best interests.
  • Transferring ownership of a Spanish property following a divorce or separation
  • We ensure that the transfer of ownership as a result of a settlement agreement is dealt with by the Land Registry in Spain as quickly as possible.
  • Administration of an estate in Spain when someone dies
  • With our extensive experience, we will liaise with the Spanish Public Notary, Land Registry and Banks on your behalf to ensure the efficient administration of the estate.
  • Estate planning for property and assets in Spain
  • We will ensure you own your Spanish property in the most appropriate way for you and your family, taking into account Spanish inheritance law and tax.
  • Spanish Wills
  • Peace of mind that your chosen beneficiaries will inherit your Spanish property, protected from any dispute.
  • Disputes and litigation in Spain
  • Using our qualified solicitors, we will represent you to ensure the smooth and efficient management of the matter, in both civil and criminal Court cases.
  • Cross border enforcement proceedings
  • Based on European Regulations, we will be able to obtain the enforcement of any Judgment in Spain against any assets owned by the defendant in another European country.
  • Spanish Tax advice
  • In the current climate, when the Spanish Tax authorities are anxious to collect as much tax as possible, we will provide you with qualified advice to avoid tax liabilities, overcharges and fines.
  • Powers of Attorney
  • We will draft and assist you during the process of creating a Power of Attorney in the UK to be used in Spain.
  • Commercial Law
  • If you are looking to set up a business or establish a branch of your existing UK company in Spain, or if your company has trading links with Spain, our team can provide you with valuable advice in Spain and the UK.

Meeting with us

We know how important it is for you to get the right advice at a time that is convenient for you. Whether you are located near to our offices or not, our lawyers can conduct confidential meetings with you from the comfort of your office or home through our online meeting software, GoToMeeting. We can show you presentations, allow you to view documents on screen and interact with you as if you were in the same room.