Property conveyancing can be a time-consuming and complex area of the law. With a broad range of issues to consider in order to ensure successful completion, attention to detail is crucial. Whether you need to instruct a solicitor because you are moving home, acquiring property or re-mortgaging, there is one thing which all these situations have in common – the right legal expertise is crucial.

How can Oratto help you?

Conveyancing is one of the most competitive areas of law. It’s a fast-flowing, dynamic field which encompasses the entire property transaction. This runs from the passing of the equitable title at exchange of contracts to completion, when the legal title to the property is passed.

You will probably find dozens of law firms just in your local area, so, making a choice about which one will suit you best can be confusing and difficult. Oratto takes that stress away.

All the member lawyers featured in this section are experts in their field and we can connect you instantly with a property conveyancing solicitor who has a wealth of experience related to your particular situation.

Our members are highly skilled and experienced in tackling all areas of buying and selling property in a timely and organised fashion.

A complicated process made simple

Conveyancing is an essential aspect of any property deal whether you are hoping to move out or move in. A typical transaction usually falls into three stages:

  • before the contract
  • before completion
  • after completion

However, within these individual stages there is a plethora of details to be handled.

Your Oratto member solicitor will be there for you at every step of the way. From drafting an initial contract and answering questions from the other party, to handling negotiations regarding fixtures and fittings, Oratto member lawyers will look after your conveyancing needs with a thorough, efficient and reliable service.

Our member lawyers will approach your property conveyancing needs with the commitment and dedication that it takes to ensure a smooth transaction. Dealing with the minutiae of searches, sale price, property boundaries and planning restrictions can all be left with your solicitor.

Letting you get on while your solicitor handles the conveyancing

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different and that your life needs to go on whilst you are buying or selling property. Oratto member lawyers will be focused on all of your conveyancing needs from pre-contract enquiries to that all-important completion date and beyond.

Contact Oratto today so that we can take the mystery out of finding a residential conveyancing lawyer for your needs.

Oratto – let our member solicitors help you organise the property deal you want.