You have probably worked hard for most of your life in order to provide for your family. It's quite natural to want to ensure that this continues when you are no longer here. Inheritance tax planning is one very effective way of maximising your assets.

This is particularly important if you lose mental capacity, or if you have already handed over power of attorney. Clear and robust inheritance tax planning can help in situations involving mental health issues.

If your wealth and assets exceed the government prescribed threshold, the estate will be liable for inheritance tax. IHT is usually – but not always – payable upon death.

How a solicitor can help

Oratto member solicitors are highly experienced in giving thorough and robust legal advice regarding inheritance tax planning, especially if it needs to be done in a timely fashion for mental health reasons. It might be that by managing your finances in a certain way you can free up some of your wealth to directly benefit those you intend it to. By doing simple things such as creating trusts, giving a gift to charity, and other methods, Oratto member lawyers will be able to mitigate the punitive effects of IHT.

Accurate and expert legal advice in this situation is of huge benefit. Rather than losing a chunk of your hard earned money, you can ensure it goes to your loved ones. Contact Oratto today so that we can match you with a most suitable member solicitor who will be able to give you friendly, helpful advice. Our members have wide-ranging experience in how to handle inheritance tax planning.

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