Estate planning refers to the process of arranging disposal of a person's estate upon death. This is particularly important if the person has valuable assets or very specific wishes, or an illness which is likely to result in loss of mental capacity.

What is an estate?

A person's estate is the total of all of their property and assets, including bank or building society accounts.

What does estate planning achieve?

Whether you are aware that you may lose mental capacity at some stage, or whether you just want your affairs in order, estate planning is a very important process. It can secure your last wishes regarding property and assets, and make things easier for your relatives during a difficult time.

Oratto member lawyers are skilled and experienced in how to plan the disposal of your estate exactly as you want it to happen.

Plus, careful and prudent estate planning can maximise the value of your estate. This is normally done by reducing taxes (for example inheritance tax) and any other liabilities. You can stipulate exactly what you want to happen whilst you still have the capacity to do so.

Professional advice from Oratto member solicitors can make your estate planning fast, accurate and binding. You can have everything tied up neatly in your Will to give you peace of mind over what might happen in the future.

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