When it comes to financial decisions, nothing should be decided lightly and particularly not in respect of investment management. This is especially important if someone else will be handling your affairs in the future. Seeking legal advice from Oratto's member solicitors can be the first step onto a secure and stable path where you can have long-term confidence in your finances.

Why is investment management so important?

You've probably worked hard for what you wish to invest. So it's now time to make sure that your investments work to the for you. Deciding how and when to invest in order to gain the greatest benefits requires specialist knowledge. Markets fluctuate, and understanding where investment opportunities exist and where markets are at their most vulnerable, is key to investment success.

Should there be a time when you no longer have capacity and your affairs are handled by someone else, it can be helpful for them to have a clear understanding of the situation. This will also allow them to protect your investments.

Why do I need legal advice?

Considering that investment management could secure your financial future – it's important to seek expert and accurate legal advice. Oratto has a number of member solicitors for you to choose from who are all ideally placed to give you the right advice and guidance.

Good investment management can be a lifeline when you need it most.

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