Coming to study in the UK presents an exciting opportunity. However, sorting out tier 4 student visa applications can be time-consuming, stressful and difficult. If you come from outside Switzerland and the European Economic Area (EEA) then you will need a student visa to allow you to study in the UK. Immigration lawyers in London and throughout the UK can provide you with specialist advice on immigration law to help ensure that your student visa is sorted out easily and in the minimum amount of time possible.

Student visas and Oratto

Student visa applications come with stringent requirements. To ensure that all of the eligibility criteria is fulfilled, you will need advice from lawyers experienced in student visa applications. Immigration solicitors from Oratto can be contacted quickly and easily online so you're able to gain the information you need and begin the process of applying for your student visa without delay.

Oratto is an online method of bringing high quality legal services to those who need them and all of the lawyers on this page have extensive experience in immigration law. You can select a lawyer yourself from the list or alternatively you can submit your details to Oratto directly and we will select the most appropriate lawyer for you, based on a careful analysis of your circumstances.

Tier 4 student visa

Being granted a UK tier 4 student visa, means that you can begin to study in the UK, or alter or extend your course if you are an existing UK student. You can apply from inside or outside the UK. Before you are accepted to study on a UK visa there are number of eligibility criteria which must be fulfilled. Among these, you must:

  • have an unconditional offer of a place to study, with a licensed tier 4 sponsor
  • be aged 16 or over
  • be able to write, read, speak and understand English. (You will generally need to sit a test to confirm this)
  • be able to support yourself financially and pay for your course. (The exact amount will depend on your specific circumstances)

What happens if I've been refused a student visa in the past?

Your chosen solicitor from Oratto will help you to re-draft your visa application in the strongest way possible. If you are currently in the UK, you may be able to appeal. If you are not in the UK you do not have the right to appeal, but you may be able to submit an administrative review.

What am I allowed to do if I qualify to study in the UK?

You are able to work in the majority of jobs, depending on the type of sponsor and the level of your course. You will not be able to access public funds, work in certain, specified jobs (as a sportsperson, for example) or attend a state-maintained school or academy.

It's important to understand the time restrictions applicable to your student visa and your chosen solicitor will be able to explain these to you clearly. You can apply for your visa up to three months before your intended start date and you should generally receive a decision within three weeks. If your course is six months or less in duration, then you can travel to the UK up to one week before you begin. If your course will last for six months or more than you can travel to the UK up to one month before.

For solid, experienced advice from immigration lawyers, contact Oratto today. High quality legal services will help you secure the positive outcome that you need.