For the global economy to function at its highest level, sophisticated global business strategies are required. These will inevitably involve the fluid and flexible movement of employees across borders. However, the time of work visas and residency permits being the sole concern of employers is over. Immigration is now a complex mechanism and being aware of the fine details and proposed changes to immigration and its policies is vital in securing a successful global mobility strategy for your business.

Immigration lawyers in the UK from Oratto will be able to give expert advice on the impact of increased global mobility for company employees, plus related visa legal advice.

Although globalisation is becoming more and more the norm, there are still many outdated workforce movement programmes being used and some of these are no longer suitable for today's global mobility needs. For companies with worldwide operations, global employee mobility is essential for effective and efficient workforce mobilisation which drives successful business continuity. This can apply equally to those in very different situations, such as:

  • those who are frequent business travellers
  • those who are taking up short term positions
  • those who are permanent international transfers

Improved global mobility through Oratto

If ongoing international transfers of employees is something which you require on a large or small scale, then seeking informed, accurate immigration and visa legal advice is essential. Oratto member immigration lawyers in the UK will be able to assess and understand your individual business global mobility needs and provide a tailored solution which includes aligning mobility with your overall business strategy. You can choose a lawyer from the selection on this page , or you can send your details directly to Oratto. We will then use our Match function to identify the right immigration solicitor for your circumstances.

Immigration regulations differ from country to country and remaining compliant with immigration rules in the UK is essential. Ensuring that internal systems are in place for compliance, and adherence to employment law, is essential to avoid the risks which can be associated with the global mobility of workers. Having innovative strategies in place does more than simply facilitate the international movement of employees. It also means that the right skills are in the right place, at the right time and – importantly – at the right cost. External factors to be considered include:

  • technology processes
  • skills management
  • business employee rewards
  • service delivery model improvement and optimisation

Your chosen Oratto member lawyer will be able to advise you on all of these issues, as well as issues such as:

  • tax implications for expatriates
  • extensions to visas for business employment situations
  • specific visa applications
  • work permits
  • compliance and risk management

There may also be a need for expatriate compensation services which deal with matters such as host pay, home pay and anything directly related to compensation in workforce global mobility.

As well as locating the right international position and transferring the employee, it is equally important to manage them effectively while they are abroad. Managing international assignees can be time-consuming and complex; expert legal support is essential for the smooth operation of your global business and your chosen solicitor will be able to provide this.

Contact Oratto today for fast, accurate legal advice from an immigration solicitor in the UK about your global mobility business needs.