A strong economy in the UK is dependent on a steady flow of migrant workers who enter the country to work in jobs for which there are no suitable UK applicants. A tier 2 visa application would apply to someone from the ‘skilled migrant' body of workers who are essential for the UK to gain maximum benefit from corporate immigration.

Tier 2 visa applications and Oratto

Oratto has been developed to provide swift, easy access to specialised legal advice. All of the UK immigration lawyers on this page are experts in drafting applications for and obtaining tier 2 visas. They will be able to assess your specific circumstances and advise you on the best way to proceed. You can connect with your choice of solicitor through Oratto, or you can send your details to us so that we can pair you with the best lawyer for your circumstances through the Oratto Match function.

Tier 2 UK visas

To apply for a tier 2 (General) visa, immigration rules must be satisfied. Firstly, you must have received a firm job offer from a UK-based company. The job must be suitably skilled in its nature and provide a salary which allows you to cover your living costs in the UK. Crucially, the company must also hold a sponsorship licence from the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). Once granted, this enables the company to employ non-EEA citizens and to provide the applicant with a certificate of sponsorship which is an essential part of a tier 2 (General) visa application.

Other conditions set out include fulfilling the English language requirements. You must either hold a degree taught in English or have achieved a score of at least 6.5 in each of the four categories of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

The fees payable for a general visa depend on your status and how you have applied. You can apply up to three months before you intend to start work and a decision is typically reached in about three weeks.

Resident Market Labour Test

Your sponsorship company must also have carried out an RMLT. This is to ensure that UK-based workers do not miss out on jobs which would have been suitable for them. It doesn't apply for every single tier 2 application – your chosen Oratto member lawyer will be able to discuss this with you and explain the right approach based on your specific situation.

The particular job role will then be linked to the correct code of practice and this will confirm what the exact requirements need to be met for the role.

Intra-company transfers

These apply to multi-national companies who want their existing employees working abroad to come and work in the UK instead. There are four categories of these workers:

  • Short term staff
  • Long term staff
  • Graduate trainee
  • Skills transfer

Tier 2 sportsperson

This tier 2 visa applies only to the very elite coaches and sportspeople who have established their careers at the highest international level. There are a number of criteria to fulfil, the first of which is getting a letter of confirmation. This should detail the role, the skill of the sportsperson and confirm that they will make a significant contribution to the sport, and that there is no-one suitable within the UK for this role. Only then can a certificate of sponsorship be obtained. The English language requirement must also be fulfilled and they must have access to enough funds to support themselves in the UK; recent changes have set a £35,000 threshold for a minimum income per annum.

Covering all criteria for a successful visa application

Various other conditions apply to tier 2 visas, your Oratto member immigration lawyer will be able to explain everything appropriate to your visa application.

Contact Oratto today for quick, simple advice on applying for a tier 2 visa to work within the UK.

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