As an employer it's vital to remain compliant with UK immigration law. Failing to do so could leave the company vulnerable to large fines from the UK Border Agency (UKBA) and generate a negative reputation for the business. This can then lead to a substantial loss of revenue. With the right legal support from an immigration and visa solicitor, immigration compliance is straightforward.

Oratto and immigration compliance

Oratto is a web-based service which has been set up as an easy link to high end, experienced lawyers for those who seeking legal services. There are a number of expert, knowledgeable immigration and visa solicitors listed on this page and each one will be able to advise you in-depth according to your individual circumstances. You can select a lawyer yourself to connect with instantly or provide Oratto with your details and we will use our Match system to find the best solicitor for you.

Ensuring statutory compliance is essential for all businesses, whether they are a , small company, MSE, or multi-national operator. Strategies for achieving UK immigration law compliance include:

  • ensuring the appropriate company sponsorship is in place
  • providing expert advice on passing an audit from the UKBA
  • providing assistance to help staff become fully conversant with immigration law
  • ensuring compliance with both policy and law by auditing personnel files
  • overseeing executive employee transfers for entry and work in the UK
  • assistance with the preparation of cases which are to be filed with the UKBA
  • representation against alleged UKBA transgressions
  • drafting guidance for a written policy on employing migrant workers which is appropriate and suitable for the business environment they will be in
  • full support for global mobility of staff

Non-compliance can be a serious issue, the ramifications of which often permeate every aspect of running a company in the UK. Specifically, it can lead to a host of problems including unfair dismissal claims, heavy civil penalties, removal or downgrading on the Sponsorship Register, recruitment issues and disciplinary problems. Understanding which type of visas and permits allow a person to come and work in the UK, and under which conditions they must do so, is essential. Once a migrant worker has arrived in the UK there are further immigration compliance issues to consider. Your Oratto member immigration and visa solicitor will be able to advise you specifically on issues including:

  • tracking and monitoring of the immigration status of the migrant to ensure that any applicable extensions are applied for in time
  • audits of personnel files and HR systems at certain points throughout the year to ensure continued compliance

There are a small number of simple steps to carry out which will help protect your company against non-compliance. Contact Oratto today to speak with an immigration and visa solicitor who is experienced in providing a broad spectrum of the advice you are looking for.