A tier 1 entrepreneur visa applies to business people who intend to set up and run a business in the UK as high value migrants. There are strict criteria to fulfil, including spending at least 50% of your time in the UK, so having a specialist immigration lawyer to ensure that you meet these criteria is a huge advantage.

Oratto has a number of member solicitors who are highly experienced in immigration law in the UK. You can select a lawyer from the list on this page or send your information to Oratto and we will match you with the best immigration law solicitor for your needs.

Investment funds

Naturally, a tier 1 visa applicant will need a lump sum of money to invest in their proposed or established business. The minimum amount is set at £200,000. However, there is an alternative option which involves seeking investment funds from a registered venture capitalist firm, or firms, specifically for the purpose of the migrant expanding or establishing a UK company.

Requirements for entrepreneurs

It is also possible to apply as an ‘entrepreneurial team' of two people. In all cases, migrants need to have reached the specified standard of English and have fulfilled the maintenance requirements. Your chosen Oratto member lawyer will be able to explain these requirements to you and ensure that all documents in support of your application are submitted in a correct and timely fashion. In addition, they will able to explain the application of paragraphs 245D and 245DF of the Immigration Rules which are indicated in these circumstances.

For a tier 1 visa you can apply in two different ways; either from within the UK for leave to remain, or from overseas for entry clearance into the UK. There are specified timeframes for doing so and these must be adhered to unless there have been exceptional circumstances. If this is the case then you must provide the necessary evidence.

As of 1st January, 2013, a ‘genuine entrepreneur' test can be applied by the UK Border Agency. It's worth bearing in mind because this means they can interview potential migrants about their business intentions and access to capital after the application.

Extension of stay

There are some conditions to fulfil in the event of an application to extend the stay of a migrant on a entrepreneur visa:

  • A UK business must have been taken over or set up within six months of the initial visa being granted
  • A minimum of £50,000 must have been invested
  • The business must have created a minimum of two, full-time jobs, which need to have existed for a minimum 12 month continuous period

If you are interested in applying for a tier 1 entrepreneur visa, contact Oratto today for solid, experienced advice and assistance in successfully gaining your visa.