The breakdown of a relationship, whether you are married, in a civil partnership or cohabiting, can be a time of great emotional stress and uncertainty. This is true regardless of whether you are looking to apply for a divorce or are simply looking for clarity during an initial separation period.

Oratto's member family law solicitors are based in locations right across the country and can help you consider all your legal options. All are signatory to the Oratto Member Lawyer Code and all are committed to our values of clear, objective, honest and open separation legal advice that always puts your needs first.

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Non-contentious resolution

Although our member family lawyers understand that getting clients the best possible result may sometimes require action through the courts, they also recognise that negotiation and consensus are frequently the best way to resolve separation legal disputes, particularly if there are the needs of children to consider. This may be achieved through the use of a family mediation service – a legal requirement in most separation disputes – or via a collaborative law process.

Collaborative law

Numerous studies have proven collaborative law to be an effective and efficient way of gaining resolution where there is disagreement regarding separation.

Collaborative lawyers work with the parties to a separation to amicably resolve disputes while maintaining the best interests of all family members, particularly children.

The process is useful because it avoids the pressure and cost of the court setting while also providing clear outcomes and guidance.

Clear separation legal advice

Good separation legal advice from the outset can help give you confidence in your family relationships and financial security at a time of a great distress and uncertainty. If you need help and advice in establishing a separation agreement or just want to fully understand your legal rights as early as possible, Oratto's family law solicitors are committed to providing clients with appropriate guidance while all the time upholding the Oratto Member Lawyer Code.

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