Most commercial property projects rarely get off the ground without the help of considerable external funding. However, for this to happen all parties concerned require solid private lender security arrangements to be in place and the only way to ensure this is to involve commercial property lawyers who have experience of working successfully in the sector.

Oratto commercial property lawyers

Oratto's commercial property lawyers can help you consider the full spectrum of legal considerations related to private finance, independent mortgage brokering, security arrangements and more.

Our specialists in private lender security arrangements can help you make intelligent and invaluable decisions regarding the following project considerations:

  • Approvals and consents
  • Tax and grants
  • Loan size and term
  • Land and site value
  • Planning risk
  • Budget
  • Development loans
  • Collateral
  • Bridging finance
  • Application for grants
  • Private lender security arrangements
  • Private Finance Initiatives (PFI)
  • Private developer scheme (PDS)

Commercial property lawyers for lender arrangements and more

Whether you require help with a funding prospectus or are looking to formulate the key details of a private lender security arrangement, our specialists in these areas of commercial property law can help you negotiate all the key decisions with confidence.

Oratto's member lawyers can add value to projects involving the following:

  • Light refurbishment
  • Heavy refurbishment or renovation
  • Ground-up development

Get in touch with us directly today, alternatively you can browse through our member profiles, try our Match Service, chat online, or arrange speak with a commercial property lawyer over the telephone for thirty minutes for free.

Oratto, for security and expertise in commercial property situations