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One particularly challenging area of commercial property solicitor work is the acquisition of Greenfield sites for development – contact Oratto today for help meeting your objectives.

Clarify your objectives

Before purchasing a Greenfield site - generally, urban or rural land which has not been developed and has been used for either agriculture, landscape design, or has been left to evolve naturally - you will need to carefully consider whether it can realistically be used in a way that is consistent with your objectives.

You will also have to consider whether the challenges involved in undertaking the acquisition of a Greenfield site will make it a cost-effective option – the site's potential resale value may be an important factor in your eventual decision.

Only a limited amount of UK development takes place on Greenfield land. Despite the fact that Greenfield sites have often been used as agricultural or amenity land, their development can sometimes prove highly contentious.

There are generally fewer objections to the development of Brownfield land so it may be worth considering the development of a Brownfield site in preference to one that has previously been undeveloped.

Help purchasing Greenfield land

If you require help from a commercial property solicitor so that you can buy a piece of land, whether it's at auction or through a local authority, private seller, utility company or other party, Oratto's member specialists can help you achieve your objectives with clarity, confidence and efficiency.

We can help all of the following:

  • Commercial buyers
  • Private buyers
  • House builders
  • Developers
  • Farmers

Greenfield site acquisition solicitiors

Oratto's member commercial property solicitors can help you achieve your objectives when it comes to the acquisition of Greenfield sites.

Many of our members have rich experience of overcoming some of the challenges presented by the acquisition of Greenfield land. We can connect you with a lawyer who not only has the skill and experience you need but also has established relationships with financial institutions, developers, investors, and builders.

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