Planning law is a phrase which has a broad scope in terms of meaning. It's used to cover diverse areas such as urban renewal, leisure and retail schemes, housing developments and infrastructure agreements. Essentially it's an element of English land law which concerns the planning for land use and it exists to promote sustainable economic development and encourage an improved environment. Commercial property solicitors can advise on all aspects of this legal sphere.

The main piece of legislation to govern this area is the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, and for landowners and developers specifically section 106. This is the section of planning law which relates to developers and carries certain conditions which must be satisfied before planned developments can go ahead. These include restrictions and/or detailed arrangements beyond which a planning restriction itself could impose, and looks to put agreements in place to ensure developers make payments over and above the cost of building works to counteract the possible effects that the building work may have on the local community.

An Oratto member commercial property lawyer will be able to provide an accurate assessment of:

    • development plan policies
    • whether draft or current policy will have an impact on a development or site proposal
    • specific wording of policies and proposals to allow unimpeded progress to developments
    • how a planning inspector or authority might look at the major issues and what may need to be done to combat objections
    • environmental assessment impact compliance

Specialist planning law solicitors for your needs

Contact Oratto today to find a commercial property lawyer to help you with your development planning or assessment. All of the lawyers on this page are experts in negotiating the various pieces of applicable legislation, whether you are a landowner considering development of your land or whether you are a developer with a confirmed site and with a proposal ready to be assessed.