Commercial property is a wide legal sphere and finding the relevant finance and development legal advice is important in securing the best outcome for a project. There are many options for funding property development, and commercial property solicitors with extensive development experience will be best placed to advise you, whether you are looking to finance a residential property development, extend existing credit ,or secure mezzanine finance such as participation agreements and those involved with equity.

Oratto is designed to link legal service consumers with high quality lawyers. All Oratto member lawyers on this page are experts in the laws relating to finance and development and will be happy to advise you on your individual circumstances. Oratto is web-based and simplifies the process of finding the right lawyer. You can also submit your details to us and we will find the best commercial property development solicitor for your needs through our Oratto Match facility. Whichever way you prefer, getting connected with professional legal advice could not be easier.

Commercial acquisition issues

Your chosen solicitor will be able to advise you on a wide range of acquisition issues, including:

  • Outright leasehold or freehold purchase for mixed use
  • Option agreements
  • Investment purchases and sales
  • Conditional contracts
  • Easements and rights acquisitions
  • Variation and release of restrictive covenants
  • Disposal of units after development
  • Due diligence
  • Project finance
  • Development finance
  • Securitisation
  • Investment in property for residential development

Your Oratto member commercial property lawyer will focus on acquiring the title to a potential development site which allows the servicing and development that you require to be carried out without legal difficulties. This type of property development is very much a specialist area and securing the right advice through Oratto could put you in a commercially advantageous position.

Whether you are considering strategic land acquisition, or something more immediate, your chosen solicitor will be able to get the site under contract as quickly as possible as well as preparing the comprehensive, high quality documentation that good finance and development protocol demands.

Clients range from international banks to owner managed businesses and landowners. If you are looking to finance acquisition of property, business or any other assets through means such as either secured or unsecured credit facilities, bilateral or syndicated options and refinancing, your chosen lawyer will be able to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Finding the right commercial property legal expert through Oratto

Successful property transactions can generate a high level of profitability and your Oratto member solicitor will take the time to gain a thorough understanding of your individual objectives and provide advice on the various advantages and possible disadvantages provided by different forms of security.

Depending upon your circumstances, further details that the lawyer you choose can advise you on include charges over cash deposits, debentures, guarantees and indemnities, loan agreements, mortgages and charges and refinancing packages. Contact Oratto today to access the best quality legal advice for your business.

Oratto – meeting your commercial property needs through bespoke legal solutions.