Acquiring a Brownfield site for development is a complex area of commercial property law. Oratto can help businesses and developers recruit the right commercial property solicitors so that they can have confidence through every stage of the acquisition process.

Consider your requirements

Before purchasing land you need to be sure that it can be used in a way that is consistent with your objectives.

You may also want to consider the overall costs and the potential resale value and then calculate how this suits your allocated budget.

The majority of development in the UK takes place on Brownfield land. Brownfield land is defined as land that has been previously used or developed for industrial or commercial purposes.

This is in contrast to Greenfield land, which is defined as that which is undeveloped or could be used for farming, landscape design or straightforward re-wilding – once it has been developed it is very rarefor it to be converted back to Greenfield use.

Consider the risks

Before acquiring a Brownfield site it will be necessary to complete an independent investigation into the history of the site to uncover any possible impact that previous activities on the land may have going forward. Any possible contamination of subsurface soil and groundwater must be analysed so that potential environmental risks and liabilities are identified at the outset.

Risk management and site remediation strategies can then be put into place to ensure that acquisition negotiations are transparent.

Help purchasing Brownfield land

If you need help from a commercial property solicitor for acquisitions of Brownfield sites, either at auction or through a local authority, private seller, utility company or other party, Oratto's member specialists can help you achieve your objectives with maximum confidence and minimum fuss.

We can help all of the following:

  • Businesses
  • House builders
  • Developers
  • Farmers

Brownfield site acquisition specialists

Oratto member commercial property solicitors can help you achieve your objectives when it comes to acquisition of Brownfield sites.

Our members have a wealth of experience in this niche area of law and many have networks of useful industry contacts to benefit your situation. We can connect you with a lawyer who has not only the skill and experience you need but also established relationships with financial institutions, developers, investors, and builders.

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