Fortunately, the vast majority of disputes tenants have with their landlords can be resolved through discussion, negotiation through an agent, or with the assistance of a group such as Citizen's Advice.

However, some housing law issues can seriously jeopardise the enjoyment of a tenancy and may even threaten its very existence. In these situations, getting help from a housing lawyer experienced in landlord-tenant disputes is essential and can be crucial in ensuring a positive outcome.

Oratto's housing lawyers are experienced in all areas of the law relating to landlord-tenant disputes, many of whom have particular areas of specialism that may be especially suited to you and your circumstances.

What can a housing lawyer do for you?

A housing lawyer can provide a tenant with invaluable advice and representation in numerous situations ranging from homelessness or prospective homelessness because of unfair eviction through to cases relating to housing standards where a property is in disrepair due to a landlord's neglect of maintenance obligations.

There are also many other situations in which a housing lawyer can provide essential help. For example, you may have been diagnosed with a health condition and find yourself concerned about the tenancy rights of those living with you once you die, particularly if they are vulnerable tenants; these so-called "tenancy succession" issues can be complex and you may require legal advice.

Debt is another situation which can present significant landlord-tenant problems. If you are facing the challenges of debt, it is essential that you take control of your money before it is too late; a good housing lawyer is the ideal person to help you do this.

Oratto's housing lawyers

Every one of the solicitors for landlord-tenant disputes registered with Oratto has a strong and demonstrable track record of success in this area of the law. However, each has his or her own areas of experience and specialism, from rent arrears to lease issues to disrepair. We allow you to find the specialist who is right for you so that you have the best chance of realising your full rights under the law.

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