A tenancy agreement can sometimes be fraught from the outset. For the landlord it is a business arrangement, a source of income; while for the tenant it is about finding a place to live, or even to put down roots and make a home – it is little wonder that the relationship can sometimes be difficult.

However, for the most part landlord and tenant disputes are little different from disputes arising from other kinds of contract. This is because the dispute usually has its origins in the belief of one party that the other has breached its obligations.

Whatever the case, if a dispute has made the relationship difficult, it can be extremely distressing for both parties – for the landlord because the property is a key asset and for the tenant because the property is his or her home and constitutes a significant monthly expenditure.

As such it is essential that parties to these disputes obtain legal advice to help advance their full rights under the law while also minimising distress, disruption and the length of the time it takes for the problem to be resolved. By searching through the member profiles on Oratto today you can find an experienced and accredited solicitor for landlord-tenant disputes who is local to you.

Causes of landlord tenant disputes

The vast majority of cases handled by solicitors for landlord-tenant disputes are caused by one of eleven major causes. These are as follows:

    • Service charge disputes
    • Lease renewal issues
    • Unlawful sublettings
    • Rent arrears
    • Dilapidation
    • Squatter eviction
    • Unlawful eviction
    • Aggravation and nuisance
    • Trespassing
    • Damage
    • Unhealthy dwellings

Property solicitors who can help

Every one of the solicitors for landlord-tenant disputes registered with Oratto has a strong and demonstrable track record of success in this area of the law. However, each has his or her own particular area of expertise and experience. Oratto allows you to find the specialist who is right for you and the areas of the law relevant to your case.

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