Oratto gives you the power to make the right decisions regarding your legal advice and representation in litigation matters. We can connect you with a dispute resolution solicitor who is a specialist in civil fraud investigation today to help you ensure the best possible chance of recovering stolen or misappropriated funds or property.

Our members have experience of working here in the UK as well as in cross-border cases that involve multiple jurisdictions.

The range of expertise offered by Oratto's member specialists includes the following:

  • Fraud prevention plans
  • Freezing injunctions
  • Search orders
  • Disclosure orders
  • Private prosecutions
  • International enforcement
  • Money laundering claims
  • Accessory liability claims
  • Claims of dishonesty, deceit and corruption
  • Insolvency and recoveries
  • Disciplinary investigations
  • HMRC investigations
  • Internal company investigations

Fraud in the UK

Although it is difficult to gain a definitive figure on the cost of fraud to the UK economy, the National Fraud Authority estimates that deceitful activity costs around £73 billion a year.

It is likely that this figure is rising; over recent years fraudsters have become increasingly sophisticated in their criminal techniques and even though authorities continually rise and respond to the challenge, it is a battle of minimisation rather elimination.

However, for those who have become the victims of fraud, there is hope. Instructing dispute resolution solicitors to make a civil fraud investigation can help achieve the successful recovery of assets and funds.

It is important to recognise that time is of the essence in such cases; statistics show that the sooner a person or organisation begins a civil fraud investigation the higher the likelihood of a successful outcome.

Allegations of fraud

If you are facing a civil allegation of fraud, it is essential that you seek the advice of a suitably experienced dispute resolution solicitor to help protect your reputation and livelihood. Poor, inadequate or tardy legal advice can greatly disadvantage you in such a situation so it is important that you act as soon as possible.

Let Oratto work for you

If you have been the victim of fraud you have the right to pursue civil proceedings against the party that has wronged you.

The courts provide many options for those looking to recover stolen and fraudulently obtained money and assets.

Oratto gives you the power to make informed and intelligent choices regarding your legal representation, all without charge or obligation.

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