Legal disputes are never an easy thing to become involved in, but when it concerns your property it can be a complex situation fraught with emotion regarding ownership and pride. Boundary disputes can arise for a number of reasons and solving these may require specialised advice and guidance from boundary dispute solicitors who know their stuff.

What is a boundary?

There are two types of boundary; legal and physical. A physical boundary is defined as a wall, fence or hedge - you can see it and touch it - whereas a legal boundary is an invisible line which separates one property from another - for example on plans etc.

Attempting to establish an exact boundary line, especially where there are no boundary markers or the physical boundary has changed over a period of time, can often be the catalyst for a legal dispute. It's important, in these instances, to seek legal advice as soon as a disagreement occurs. Disputess may rapidly become time consuming and expensive, and having the appropriate advice in place from the start can stop this from happening.

At Oratto, we can quickly put you in touch with a member boundary dispute solicitor should you require legal assistance in this area. Our member lawyers will be able to act swiftly and effectively to contain any disagreement.

When do specific boundary disputes arise?

Boundary issues may occur for a myriad of reasons, for example:

  • if a new fence or wall is erected in the wrong place
  • if issues arise over shared driveways
  • if any alterations such as damp proofing and extensions are made to a party wall

Contact Oratto today for rapid advice tailored to your exact situation. Our member lawyers have years of experience in handling the most complex boundary and neighbour disputes and they can bring a wealth of knowledge to your disagreement. It's not uncommon for a boundary dispute to last for years and be very stressful for those involved; early legal action is therefore recommended.

What factors are taken into account when assessing where a boundary should be?

There are a number of factors, including:

  • Title Deeds
  • photographs of the site; both new and old
  • witness testimony
  • sometimes a site visit

Once a boundary dispute is resolved the Land Registration Act 2002 allows a party to record the exact line of the boundaries on a registered title. This will avoid boundary disputes in the future.

Boundary dispute solicitors for your exact situation

If you are thinking of raising a dispute, it's essential to take specialist legal advice to ensure the best outcome. When an issue arises, by seeking effective legal representation from one of Oratto's member solicitors for boundary disputes you can hopefully avoid a protracted, costly legal battle with your neighbours. Litigation is an option, but it is usually a last resort.

For swift, solid legal advice regarding boundary disputes, contact Oratto today so that we can put you in contact with the most appropriate member solicitor for your needs.

We can quickly find the right lawyer to represent you and prevent a small dispute from becoming a much larger one.