Find a debt recovery solicitor for your business

There are four key components to an effective debt recovery service for business: speed, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and reputational management.

In this section you'll find specialist debt recovery solicitors who will be able to help you ensure that your payment problems cause only minimum inconvenience.

If you are looking for reliable debt management with a variety of fee options available, browse through Oratto member's profiles today to find the solicitor who is right for you, then we can put you in contact so that your case can be examined at the earliest opportunity.

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Is the debt worth pursuing?

It is advisable to obtain credit status checks on debtors to ensure that debt recovery action is worthwhile – there is no point in pursuing recovery of moneys owed if the debtor is unable to pay. There are a number of ways a debtor’s ability to pay can be assessed; these include Companies House searches and bankruptcy checks.

Federation of Small Businesses members polled in 2015 -

51% had experienced late payment in the previous year

Why debitors pay late

Reason for paying late Percentage of people
Late payment by their own debtors 77%
Cash flow shortage 69%
Dissatisfaction with quality of work 59%
Invoicing issues 49%
Bank financing problems 43%
Inadvertently forgot to pay 42%
Time pressures* 41%

Help available, whatever your business profile or circumstances

Oratto’s member debt recovery solicitors can help a wide variety of clients including the following:

  • Small & Medium Sized Businesses
  • Sole Traders
  • Unsecured lenders
  • Invoice finance companies
  • Asset-based finance companies
  • Purchaser debt recovery

Industries most affected by late/non payment of debts

Type of industry Percentage
Construction companies 54%
Retailers 20%
Restaurant Owners* 20%

Timeliness is essential to effective debt recovery so making contact with an Oratto solicitor at the soonest available opportunity may be decisive to achieving a positive outcome.

In short, if the debtor is having trouble paying you it is likely that it is experiencing financial difficulties elsewhere which make it imperative you take action before it is too late. Your debt recovery solicitor will seek to ensure that the debt owed you becomes number one priority.

124,100 businesses reported nearly having to cease trading as a result of unpaid debts*

*Federation of Small Businesses 2012

Seeking a Court Judgement is not always the best way to ensure debt recovery. The one thing taking the debt through the courts will guarantee however is time and expense.

Oratto’s member solicitors look to utilise the most effective pre-court methods to ensure recovery of the debt. However, robust action through the courts has its place and, where appropriate, your debt recovery solicitor may decide this is the best course of action for you.

There are many possible measures which can be taken to ensure fulfilment of the debt following a court judgement. These may include the following:

  • Statutory demands
  • Winding Up Petitions
  • Asset Investigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal investigations
  • Bailiff services

Find a debt recovery solicitor today

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Debt recovery can be difficult and time-consuming. Having an experienced and specialist debt recovery solicitor to do the work for you can prove invaluable in turning your debts into assets.

Oratto members pride themselves on building ongoing relationships with clients while always ensuring that important relationships are preserved with the minimum of reputational damage. Browse through our member profiles today to find the debt recovery specialist that is right for you.

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