Oratto's member international debt recovery solicitors can provide you with the means and services to give you the best possible chance of recovering cross-border debts.

With members who have extensive experience of international debt recovery across Europe and beyond, Oratto is your ideal first port of call for collection of international debts.

We take the hassle out of finding the right lawyer for your needs.

By using our Oratto Match facility all you need to do is give us some information about your particular circumstances and we will search through our list of member debt recovery solicitors to find the most suitable and experienced lawyer in that field. The all you need to do is choose who you wish to work with.

From initial letters before action to any destination in the world, to more complex and robust methods of collection, if you are looking for the low cost but effective debt recovery specialist who is right for your needs, Oratto is here to help.

Making sure borders are not barriers to collection

Every country in the world has distinct features to its legal system, even those that operate together within the EU. As such it is essential that your solicitor for international debt recovery understands all the key issues as they relate to jurisdiction, legislation and correct procedure.

Other factors complicating cross-border debt recovery include linguistic and cultural differences, time zones and international agreements. By having a specialist and knowledgeable solicitor to represent your interests you can help ensure that the debts owed to you are paid as fully as possible.

Oratto's member lawyers work across the globe, often in collaboration with a network of European and international partners, to ensure that your needs are identified and actioned in the most timely and cost efficient way available.

What Oratto members can do for you

From carefully drafting demand letters and making persuasive telephone calls to commencing legal proceedings and ensuring enforcement abroad, Oratto members strive to deliver effective recovery and enforcement action in the both the EU and across the globe.

Whether you are an invoice finance company, a small or medium sized business, an unsecured lender, a factoring company, a contractor or some other form of creditor, Oratto's broad panel of members will contain a specialist who is right for you and your circumstances.

Manage your reputation

Although it is important to realise your debts into assets, it is essential that this is done while protecting your reputation.

Oratto's members are committed to high recovery rates but also to protecting reputational damage, wherever in the world your debtor might be.

International debt recovery solicitorsOratto's member international debt recovery solicitors can help you ensure the best possible advice and representation in the recovery of cross-border debts. Our broad panel of member solicitors can help assess all the important details, ensuring the strongest possible chance of maximum repayment.

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