Construction law is not one, single principle - it is, instead, a complex blend of many different legal areas, including commercial law, employment law, contract law, tort and planning law. A construction project is a big undertaking and usually involves many different bodies. Therefore, having a skilled and experienced construction lawyer to advise you on any stage of the process is a must.

There has been a Society of Construction Law in the UK since 1983 and this has now been joined by the European Society of Construction Law. These two bodies provide regulation, information, and support across the construction industry. The number of separate entities involved in a construction project are can be large and their functions diverse. These include:

  • Architects
  • Surveyors
  • Builders
  • Financial institutions
  • Construction workers
  • Contractors

A construction project is generally a long process and each element of it must be prepared for and protected.

Oratto and construction law

Due to the complexity and extent of this legal area, taking advice from a specialist construction lawyer is essential. Oratto member lawyers in this niche will be able to give a structured overview of each different element of the project and advise accordingly.

Oratto is an online method of linking knowledgeable, experienced lawyers with those who require legal services in specific niche areas. All solicitors featured on this page will be able to give help and guidance on construction law. You can either select a lawyer yourself from the list, or you can send your details to Oratto and we will use our Match facility to connect you with the right lawyer for your needs.

Fields of construction law - contentious and non-contentious

There are a broad range of topics covered by construction law and these include:

  • Negligence
  • Contracts
  • Bonds and bonding
  • Sureties
  • Guarantees
  • Liens
  • Construction claims
  • Tendering

Despite this extensive list, construction law can, broadly speaking, be split into two areas: contentious and non-contentious.

Non-contentious topics involve far more of the preparation side of things, such as negotiating the terms of, and drafting, construction contracts and specialised JCT contracts. Construction lawyers will liaise with other parties and visit external sites in order to ensure the best terms. In addition, your chosen solicitor will work alongside a variety of bodies, starting with whoever initiated the project, such as government bodies in the planning stage, and banks to deal with finances, architects regarding the design and then contractors and developers for the actual construction itself.

Contentious construction law matters may arise once the project is underway, with issues such as breach of contract or disruption and delays in construction leading to increased costs. Typically, a contract will have set out how disputes are to be dealt with, but sometimes it is necessary to recourse to arbitration or adjudication to resolve matters.

If something has gone awry in a building project, your Oratto member construction lawyer can be actively involved in advising on your contractual position and its strength, or otherwise, gathering evidence and advising on how best to proceed according to the terms of the agreed contract.

It's worth bearing in mind that construction projects can be both domestic and international. If a case is complex enough to include both of these elements, specialist construction law advice is absolutely necessary.

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