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Public sector tenancy – who has the right to buy?

Every since May 2015 you need only have been a public sector tenant for three years in order to be eligible to buy your home, whether you are making a sole or joint application for Right to Buy. You may make a joint application with any of the following:

  • A person with whom you share your tenancy
  • Your spouse or civil partner
  • Up to three family members who've lived with you for the past 12 months

Furthermore, it does not matter how you plan to fund your Right to Buy purchase – for example, you could buy the property with money you have received through a gift or inheritance – however, the named buyer must be a tenant together with other eligible applicants. It is important to have the advice of an experienced property solicitor in regard to your rights under the Right to Buy scheme.

Housing association tenants – who has the right to buy?

Very few housing association tenants in the UK currently have the Right to Buy. However, if you were a council tenant and your home has since been transferred to a housing association or other landlord, it is possible you may have a "preserved' Right to Buy.

If your property lawyer helps you determine that you do have the preserved Right to Buy, you can proceed as if you were still a council tenant.

In the event that you do not qualify for preserved Right to Buy it may still be possible to acquire your home at a discounted rate under the Right to Acquire scheme – it may be useful to check your eligibility with your property solicitor.

Additionally, some tenants may be able to purchase their home under a pilot scheme known as Voluntary Right to Buy under the Housing and Planning Bill.

Right to buy property lawyers

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