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Auction purchases

Auctions are a great opportunity to find the property that is right for you at the price that is right for you. However, they are also highly charged and pressured environments, with contracts being exchanged immediately upon the acceptance of the successful bid. This means that both buyer and seller are legally committed to the deal; it is typical for a 10% deposit to be paid on the day.

As such, despite the many advantages and opportunities provided by an auction, it can bring with it many risks. This is why it is especially important to have an experienced residential conveyancing solicitor to advise you throughout the auction transaction process. In particular this means making checks and searches before the date of auction to ensure there are no significant problems with the listed property.

Specifically, it may mean ensuring the following:

  • Inspecting or surveying the property before auction (if possible)
  • Arranging for the "ready money" of a 10% deposit
  • Inspecting any tenancy agreements in place on the property
  • Thorough examination and analysis of the auction pack
  • Deciding on the need for any additional searches
  • Considering the acceptability or otherwise of the auction contract

Auction purchase solicitors

If you are contemplating buying a property at auction, Oratto's member residential conveyancing solicitors can help you proceed with confidence by ensuring that each risk and consideration has been covered.

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