Though the police exist as a law enforcement body, there are times when their error of judgement can have an unfairly negative impact upon a person. If you have been a victim of this, it can sometimes mean that you have valid grounds for approaching solicitors for advice regarding claims against the police. Such claims are usually rooted in the Law of Tort for damages.

What reasons are there for making a claim against the police?

There are a multitude of reasons why you may be considering a claim for unlawful behavior by the police, including:

  • misuse of power
  • wrongful arrest
  • feeling threatened, distressed or frightened as a result of police behaviour
  • injury through excessive use of force
  • being detained against your will
  • discrimination
  • negligence
  • being wrongly imprisoned
  • breach of the Human Rights Act

The reason for your claim does not have to be physical, such as being subjected to unnecessary force, it can also be psychological. Being wrongly accused of being a criminal can have a significant psychological impact. Negotiating your way through a claim can be tricky and it's advisable to seek legal advice from a solicitor who specialises in handling police abuse compensation claims. Oratto has a number of member lawyers who have years of experience in this field and are ideally placed to apply their knowledge to your situation. Contact Oratto today and we can put you in touch with a solicitor who can begin helping you straight away.

What can I expect by making a claim?

It's impossible to generalise, but in the event of an official complaint the police can essentially be forced to admit their actions, apologise and in certain circumstances pay compensation. The courts can sometimes extend this principle by including damages where the primary purpose is punishment for oppressive or unconstitutional behaviour.

Once the police force has been approached with a claim, it has a set period of time to confirm whether the allegations are accepted or denied. If the force accepts, then damages may be payable. If it does not accept, court proceedings against the police can be started.

Considering a claim against the police can feel daunting. But it's important to remember that even though they are the police, they are not above the law and you have as much right to its protection as they do to its enforcement. Oratto member lawyers will be able to listen to your situation and advise on what they believe is the best way forward for you.

Do I have to start a claim against the police straight away?

No, but there are time limits within which you must operate. For being wrongly imprisoned, or wrongful arrest, you have six years from the date of the behaviour to bring a claim, but for an injury claim you only have three years to begin it.

How Oratto can help

Whatever your circumstances are, contact Oratto today so that we may put you in contact with solicitors who specialise in claims against the police. Our member lawyers in this field have wide ranging and varied experience in this field. We can ensure you quickly find the right solicitor for your particular needs.