An overwhelming majority of Britons believe that putting a child’s interests first and avoiding conflict are the most important factors to consider when going through a divorce, according to a survey from Resolution.

According to the results, 78% say that putting a child’s interests first is the most or second most important consideration in a divorce, and 53% would prioritise making the divorce as conflict-free as possible.

Despite this, over four-fifths of people believe that children end up the main casualties of a divorce and 40% believe that a divorce can never be without conflict – a figure that rises to nearly half of those who are currently divorced. Despite the increasing availability of non-court alternatives, nearly half (45%) think that most divorces involve a visit to court.

In stark contrast to some of the high profile divorce cases in recent years, financial factors are not seen as particularly important, with only 1% of people saying that being financially better off than their partners would be the most important consideration, should they divorce.