It really shouldn't happen - but this latest job advert ( from a London modelling agency shows that it can and it does!

This is a clear breach of employment regulations and shows how easy it is for companies to break the law. Quite simply, you can't advertise for staff based on their gender, their level of attractiveness or the size of their underwear!

All job adverts and recruitment material should be checked over before it enters the public domain and all comments in interviews and notes should be shared with the candidate. It's not just a case of don't write it down if you don't want it to be public, it's about making sure you recruit in the right way from the start.

We're often called in by companies across a range of sectors to check recruitment advertisements and indeed the questions and procedures involved in the interview process. I've not yet had to put a black line through a request for a certain cup size, but I've certainly seen my fair share of ads which have come close to the wire!