Sometimes in life difficult decisions have to be made and they must be considered with the utmost care and attention. The Court of Protection exists to help protect and make decisions for those who lack the mental capacity to do so. Oratto member lawyers can assist you with deputyship services to ensure you and your loved-ones are protected.

Our court of protection and deputy solicitors can help you with a wide range matters, for example:

  • Personal welfare
  • Selling jointly owned property
  • Cancelling power of attorney

The Court of Protection has the power to decide on emergency applications, such as if someone is being removed from where they live. Oratto member solicitors can advise on your specific situation, whether you need to make an application or are the subject of one.

Becoming a deputy

You can apply to become a deputy for someone who lacks the mental capacity to make decisions on their own. This could be the result of either illness or an injury which affects the brain. There are two types of deputy:

  • One who deals with property and financial issues, or anything connected to them.
  • One who deals with personal welfare, e.g. decisions about medical treatment

You can apply to become one or both and Oratto member lawyers can help you decide which is appropriate. However, there are conditions which need to be satisfied and obtaining legal advice is advisable. At Oratto, we have a number of member lawyers on hand  who are familiar with the Court of Protection, and offer deputyship services. So don't hesitate to contact us. There are multiple options available to you for getting in touch and you can choose which one suits you best.

Whatever your situation, get in touch with Oratto so that we can match you with the best member solicitor for your situation, who will provide you with expert advice on the Court of Protection and deputyship.

Oratto member solicitors - protecting you and your loved ones.