International trade law is a complex area simply by definition. Amongst other things, it concerns regional, bilateral and multilateral agreements which may all have to be dealt with within disparate, perhaps unfamiliar or challenging business environments. Though the end goal may be to create a more open and liberal system of trading, the more tangible aims of maximising business opportunity whilst simultaneously minimising risk are going to apply to any business. Add to this the negotiation of a path through the inevitable patchwork of ever-evolving laws and regulations, and it's easy to see why strong legal support from experienced and knowledgeable international trade lawyers is essential.

Finding the right international trade lawyer

Oratto has been developed to provide a go-to hub for consumers of legal services who require high-end lawyers. It's a web-based platform devised to allow consumers to easily identify a lawyer who can help them. All the solicitors on this page are experts in international trade law and will be able to advise and assist clients based on an assessment of the individual circumstances.

You can choose a lawyer from the list or, if you prefer, you can contact Oratto with your details and we will match you with the best international trade lawyer for your needs through the Oratto Match function.

Common international trade law issues

The regulation of goods and services in international trade is increasing, so skilled legal support is essential to assist with the following:

  • restrictions and sanctions around export control, both nationally and multi-nationally
  • Section 337 import investigations, and specifically IP rights
  • issues relating to customs in all of the key markets
  • bilateral and regional trade agreements
  • trade due diligence

Your chosen solicitor will be able to advise you on all of these, plus more, as well as the various implications of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) - created in 1995 as a formal, international organisation to regulate trade between countries.

Regulatory, media and political influences on international trade law must all be considered. Commercial success for a business is reliant upon the way in which businesses interpret developments in this sphere. Your Oratto member lawyer will have all the knowledge and experience that you need to feel fully supported.

What do we need to know?

Understanding policy creation is vital, as well as forming a method for negotiating the challenging network of legislation, standards and regulation. International services include:

  • cross border trade
  • setting up overseas
  • consumption overseas
  • movement of individuals
  • marketing services
  • delivering services

One quarter of UK international trade is made up through service exports, such as consulting and finances. Advanced IT and telecommunications means that international trade is easily undertaken and more and more businesses are expanding into this area.

It's very important to establish definitively where international services have come from; there are different tax and legal implications depending upon whether they originated in the UK or elsewhere. When there are different languages, business cultures and legal issues involved, the potential for confusion is high. It's vital to have legal clarity, especially surrounding matters such as contracts which have far-reaching implications. Taking a positive approach with your business in mind is very important. Your Oratto member lawyer will be able to identify any potentially problematic areas of international trading pertaining to you and give you early advice on how to handle them.

There are tax implications for international trade in services, even though they don't have to clear through customs. These must be prioritised, along with local regulations so that a number of issues from licensing to getting paid can be dealt with appropriately.

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