Being evicted without sufficient cause is illegal. Section 5 of the Housing Act 1988 ensures that an assured tenancy cannot be brought to a premature end by the landlord except without the order of the court and a warrant of possession. Futhermore, Section 1 of the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 makes unlawful or illegal eviction of a tenant a criminal act.

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Re-admittance to a property

Tenants have rights - this means that landlords cannot evict them without ensuring they have met certain requirements and procedures.

As such, if a tenant is evicted without the landlord following the correct process, the tenant may be able to instruct an unlawful eviction solicitor who in turn can take the case to court. In cases like this, the courts may order the tenant to be allowed back into the property.

Upholding evictions

There are some cases where a landlord's decision to evict may be upheld. However, the landlord still has an obligation to provide adequate notice and follow a specified procedure.

The following situations may be seen as valid reason to evict:

  • Rent is overdue by at least eight weeks
  • The tenant has caused significant damage to the property
  • Rent is habitually paid late
  • The tenant has inflicted anti-social behaviour on neighbours
  • The landlord wishes to demolish the building
  • The landlord wishes to make significant alterations to the building
  • The landlord wishes to move the tenant to alternative accommodation


Tenants who are evicted without an appropriate court order have several options for redress, particularly if the landlord has harassed the tenant – examples of harassment include physical and verbal threats, abusive behaviour, violence and behaviour that is designed to intimidate, inconvenience or lessen enjoyment of the property.


Tenants have multiple remedies available. An unlawful eviction solicitor can apply to the court for injunctions, restraining orders and compensation.

However, in many cases having the right legal advice at an early stage can help reduce the need for the involvement of the courts.

The following forms of monetary compensation may be available to an unlawfully evicted tenant:

  • Statutory damages
  • Special damages
  • General damages
  • Aggravated damages
  • Exemplary damages
  • Loss of belongings

Unlawful eviction solicitors

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