The threat of mortgage repossession from your lender is a very distressing experience. Invariably, there is so much on the line that any person affected should instruct a mortgage repossession lawyer to help fight their interests and, ideally, protect their home.

Seeking legal advice at the earliest possible stage is crucial to the homeowner's hopes of negotiating a payment plan and hopefully halting any legal action.

Avoiding repossession

Mortgage repossession law ensures a specific legal process and therefore it takes time to achieve repossession of a property. Lenders must seek a court order and follow a strict procedure.

In order to prevent a repossession mortgage holders should aim to keep the equivalent of three months' salary in their account and take early steps to contact their lender for help at the first hint of difficulty in repaying the loan.

A specialist mortgage repossession solicitor can help borrowers if they get into trouble by investigating the following possible solutions:

  • A full or partial repayment holiday
  • An alteration of mortgage-type
  • An extension to the repayment term

Oratto's member mortgage repossession lawyers are committed to providing clients with advice that is tailored to their individual circumstances. Let us find the solicitor who is right for
your needs.

Oratto specialism

Oratto's mortgage repossession lawyers are all experts in the field. However, some members have particular knowledge of certain mortgage repossession law, including the following:

  • Mortgage disputes
  • Payment arrears
  • Mis-sold loans, insurance and PPI
  • Repossession court case preparation
  • Credit ratings

Oratto's mortgage repossession solicitors

Every one of Oratto's mortgage repossession solicitors has a strong and demonstrable track record of success in resolving cases of this nature. However, each has his or her own particular area of expertise and experience. That‘s why we allow you to find the specialist who is right for you in the areas of the law relevant to your case.

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